Learning to Fly Tay Hut is a community of wedding photographers in the land of green; north, south, east, west. Members from the big cities and the wee villages, the outspoken and well knowN, the quiet and the meek make up the ranks. There was once an attitude of elitism in this profession, an air of unwelcome. The Tay Hut is helping to put a giant size 9 into the backside of those days, stamp them out and leave them behind. we'll nurture and support each other, extend a hardy handshake and lend a willing ear to friends old and new...

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'The Tay Hut' book publishing project

...began in 2020, during a lengthy pandemic lockdown. Born out of boredom, born out of a desperation to create and ingest some good energy into the heart, and of course to celebrate great photography

There have been 3 books published with more to come. Each volume has a theme and contains photos from our friendly Tay Hut community....wedding photographers from all over Ireland and Europe.

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