Greetings from Donegal  - I hope life is good, I hope you are living the dream. R We are based in a small beach village of Culdaff on the north coast in County Donegal - this is approx 4 hours from Dublin airport., 2 hours from Belfast city. This is our year 5 for Learning to Fly . Donegal -  it is the most beautiful place, unspoilt, rugged and beautiful, they say it is Ireland in miniature. 

The weather might be fairly cold, autumnal, often mild and dry but please bring outdoor clothing to stay warm and dry. Sometimes during our 2 days together it may rain, we are used to this in Ireland.

Our 'teachers' will share a house called 'The Warren' on the beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. We will often have the group there to eat, and to have small conversations or talks or debates. It is a good base for our photography sessions as it is right on the beach.  I will share a timetable with you all very soon. It is flexible and subject to change, with weather and time and other human factors...we are relaxed in Donegal, perhaps this is where our workshop will differ to others. 

If you can give me an idea of your 'talk' a few weeks beforehand it would be great - a talk might last 1 hour or slightly longer - as well as that you are welcome to contribute during other debates or sessions. 

You are all welcome to lead a photography session, we will have 2 bride and groom couples -perhaps you can do this together or after your talk - sometimes the weather will dictate when we shoot, so you are asked to please be flexible with this

Our workshop is very relaxed and personal and more like a retreat - we gather to share and learn and create a community. We have yoga, and group conversation, early morning swim, music and fun, as well as teaching and photography sessions. If you want to bring clothing for yoga, for swimming, maybe even a wetsuit please do. The yoga is gentle and mindful and very suitable for beginners. I will lead the yoga class, I am studying to complete my yoga certificate this year. 

I am honoured that you are all coming to be part of our Donegal experience this year - I know you will have a very fulfilling experience and will make many new friends. I welcome your input and ideas, thanks

Our vimeo page has previous retreats and loads of stuff to inspire :

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